How to Choose a Wine to Pair With Your Meal

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages worldwide and is commonly paired with food. The wine pairings enhance the beverage and the food flavor, but there is science behind the choices.

To learn more about types of wine and wine pairings, keep reading.

What Is Wine Pairing, and How Does it Work?

The objective of wine pairing is to elevate the dining experience. There are only rare occasions in which wine is not served alongside a meal in Italy.

Wine pairing is the process of selecting particular wines that will match well with the meal. The pairing balances flavor profiles, including acidity, fattiness, bitterness, saltiness sweetness, and alcohol content.

Common pairings include:

  • Acid + acid

  • Sweet + salty

  • Bitter + fat

  • Acid + fat

  • Alcohol + fat

It would be best to avoid a bitter + bitter combination since it can be unpleasant to the palate.

The Basics of Wine

Wine grapes, called Vitis vinifera, are smaller, sweeter, have thick skins, and contain seeds, so they are not your average grocery store grape.

The most common whites are Riesling, pinot grigs, sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay. The most popular reds include pinot noir, zinfandel, syrah, and cabernet sauvignon.

How to Choose a Wine for Your Meal

Are you preparing a food and wine pairing but aren't sure what to eat with white wine or red? Below are tips for selecting the perfect wine pairings.

Determine Your Wine Experience

Before selecting a wine, think about what you want from the pairing. For example, do you need an expensive bottle as an experienced wine drinker, or would something more economical work.

Figure Out Your Preferences

If you do not like white wine, then don't try to force a pairing and instead try to find a wine that you enjoy to compliment your food.

Pick a Region

Pair foods with wine from the same region. For example, a rustic chianti will bring out the nuances of an Italian pappardelle, while a fish and wine pairing from the same region is also great.

Perfect the Temperature

Not all wines should be served at the same temperature. The temperatures are as follows: white whites, sparkling wines, rose between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, full-bodied whites and lighter reds 50-60, and a robust red between 60 and 65.

Wine Pairings for Italian Food

Common wine pairings for Italian food are:

  • Syrah and a tomato sauce

  • Cabernet sauvignon with heavy meats

  • Zinfandel with chicken cacciatore

  • Pinot noir with mushroom risotto

  • Prosecco with cured meats

  • Chardonnay with salmon

  • Merlot with pizza

Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find a pairing that works best for your palette. For the perfect Italian food to complement your wines, be sure to check out Sicilia Mia Utah's online market.

Start Wine Pairing Today

If you love wine and food, enhance the experience with wine pairings. Also, if you want to create a catering order, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sicilia Mia is also here to help. If catering isn't what you are looking for, you can also make a reservation at one of our Utah locations.

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