Cater Your Events With Sicilia Mia

Are you a Utah resident holding a big event in the near future? Do you want to get the best event catering possible for the big day?

Of all types of catering options available, there's nothing quite like an array of authentic Italian food for you and all the attendees. Does that sound like the perfect meal for the big day?

If you want the best Italian food catering Utah has to offer, look no further than Sicilia Mia catering. Read on to learn why we're the perfect choice to cater your event.

Stress-Free Food Preparation

Hiring catering for events takes a world of stressful work off your hands. By hiring us to take care of all the food-related needs, you're free to focus on keeping everyone entertained.

We've got all the food preparation covered. Your guests will love our appetizer buffet consisting of meats, cheeses, mixed bruschetta, chilled seafood, and more.

Many more food options are available for us to cook, set up, and serve. And when the party is over, we've got the clean-up covered.

Sicilian Style Wedding

Are you specifically looking for catering for a wedding? Why not add a touch of Sicilian tradition to the special day?

Several of our recipes are perfect for a traditional Sicilian wedding. Our Carbonara chef station in particular adds a real touch of Italian culture to the meal. The delicious pasta will be served by one of our dedicated chefs from our signature Flaming Wheel of Cheese.

Allowing us to add a touch of authentic Sicilian culture to your wedding will make the big day one you will remember forever.

Authentic Italian Food

Sicilia Mia proudly offers real Sicilian food from family recipes of several generations. We want to give you and your guests an authentic Italian experience.

One thing we pride ourselves on is our use of real Italian Parmesan Reggiano. While you may confuse this with what you think is parmesan cheese, the reality is the U.S. calls any hard and grated Italian cheese "parmesan."

Authentic Parmesan Reggiano is a naturally hard cheese known for having a sharp, nutty flavor with a somewhat granulated texture. It is made from a mixture of full cream milk and skim milk from cows only raised on grass and hay. The cheese is aged for 12 months before being sealed with approval from a parmesan inspector.

Authentic Parmesan Reggiano can only contain milk, salt, and rennet, while many items labeled "parmesan" in America are often loaded with additives. While it's great with pasta and pizza, it also goes great with eggplant parmesan, chicken parmesan, or you can make parmesan wafers. This delicious cheese is a natural and authentic flavor like no other, and we are proud to include it in our recipes.

Let Sicilia Mia Catering Be A Part Of Your Events

If you and your guests love Italian food, Sicilia Mia Catering is eager to offer you Utah's very best. Fill out our catering order form and feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Sicilia Mia prides itself on sharing our Sicilian heritage and recipes with the people of Utah. Let us do so at your big event.

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