6 of the Best Traditional Italian Antipasti Dishes

If you want to enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience, make sure to include one (or more!) traditional Italian antipasti dishes.

Antipasto is the plural form of the word “antipasti” and translates to the English term “appetizers.” Antipasto is the traditional first course of an Italian meal. It traditionally consists of cured meats, hot chili peppers (referred to as pepperoncini), olives, fried dishes, artichoke hearts, various cheeses, vegetables, and more. Antipasti dishes are something you do not want to skip, so make sure to continue reading to learn more about the tastiest traditional Italian antipasti dishes.

Top Traditional Italian Antipasti Dishes

There are many different antipasti dishes to try, but today, we are focusing on our favorite nine. In fact, you can enjoy each one of these at our Holladay location today!

Sicilia Mia Antipasto Freddo — Antipasto Caldo roughly translates to “cold appetizer.” Enjoy a variety of meats and cheese consisting of Prosciutto crudo, prosciutto cotto, salame mortadella, bresaola, olive di partinico, misto verdure, provolone, grana, pecorino al vino, and focaccia. This “cold” appetizer is a great way to start your dining experience.

Carpaccio di Carne — Carpaccio is a traditional Scicilian appetizer and is considered a favorite comfort food. This classic dish was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani more than 70 years ago and is named after the famous Venetian painter, Vittorio Carpaccio, known for his “read and white tones” used in his work. Our carpaccio is composed of thinly sliced, locally sourced fillet mignon served with arugula and a truffle mustard olive oil sauce and lemon blossoms filled with fresh ricotta cream, served in a fig and mint reduction.

Brushettone Siciliana — This delicious appetizer is full of bright flavor and a variety of textures that will please your palate. Enjoy the warm crunch of the toasted rustic bread topped with freshly diced tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and a light drizzling of balsamic vinegar.

Arancino — Our arancino are tasty, crispy, deep-fried balls of rice featuring a homemade bolognese sauce and mozzarella cheese. Indulge in this classic Sicilian appetizer and come out happy!

Calamari & Gamberi — This dish is the star of Italian comfort food that brings people together through sharing and enjoying the company of one another. Enjoy a mixture of crispy and golden fried calamari and shrimp served with our homemade red sauce. Polipo Alle Mele — This classic southern Italian dish with our spin features freshly grilled octopus marinated in olive oil, thyme, and garlic, served in a bed of caramelized apples.

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Enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience at Sicilia Mia, where you can indulge in many traditional Italian antipasti dishes. We brought our Old World traditions and family recipes to Utah nearly a decade ago and are pleased to share them with you. We proudly have two Sicilia Mia locations: one in Holladay and the other in Farmington. Enjoy a taste of Palermo, Sicilia, and reserve a table today.

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