Peroni | Italy


Shades Slick City Citrus

Utah | India Pale Ale

Shades Aphrodite

Utah | Belgian-style Blonde Ale

Shades Kveik

Utah | America-style Golden Sour

Bollicini | Sparkling
Villa Minelli | Veneto, Italy
g. 12 / bt. 45

Prosecco DOC

Fratelli Ferrari |
Trento, Italy
bt. 90

A semi dry brut nv

Veuve Clicquot | France
bt. 125

Veuve Clicquot | France

Vino Blanco - White Wines
Dolfo Rose
g. 12 / bt. 45

Pink-Coppery color and medium intensity. Well balanced and crisp, rose petals, ruby red grapefruit peels and dried apricots

Sauvignon Blanc
g. 10.5 / bt. 40

Distinctive, reveals a harmonious balance of roundness, freshness and aromatics, citrus, and tropical fruits.

Vosca Chardonnay | Friuli
g. 13 / bt. 50

Pairs with shellfish, lean fish, cured meat, mushrooms, aperitif

Cusumano Inzolia
Bianco | Sicily
g. 12.5 / bt. 48

Garganega and Inzolia. Hints on pears and apple, fuller body white.

Luigi Voghera Moscato
g. 14 / bt. 55

Moscato grapes from Asti. Sweet Bubbley and smooth.

Marjan Simcic
Pinot Grigio
g. 13 / bt. 50

Medium bodied, with intense and complex aromas, flowery notes, hints of peach, dried fruit, citrus, and spices.

Vino Rosso | Red Wines
bt. 40
Rosso Riserva
bt. 130
Monte Antico | Tuscany
g. 11 / bt. 45

Easy to drink Tuscan blend, medium acidity. Pairs well with tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, pasta.

Zampato Cabernet Sauvignon
g. 13 / bt. 50

Intense colored, savory herb scents prevail over fruit notes. You may find spices and coffee.

Rocca Zingarelli
Chianti | Classico
g. 14.5 / bt. 55

Medium Body Chianti Classico, whiff of vanilla, ruby red color with a smooth and round finish.

Vietti Barbera D'Asti
g. 15 / bt. 60

Barbera grapes from the Asti area. Silky smooth tannins, medium bodied with aromas with tobacco and vanilla

Alta Mora Rosso
g. 16 / bt. 75

Nerello grape from Etna, dry & rich. Pairs well with meats, tomatoes, mushrooms, basil

La Mozza Sangiovese | Tuscany
g. 13 / bt. 50

Smooth & easy to drink. Pairs well with veal, beef, cured meat, basil

Lamuri Nero D'Avola
g. 15 / bt. 60

Nero D'avola grape, earthy & smooth, with good tannins and a light spice. 

Primarius Pinot Noir
g. 16 / bt. 75

Delicious Pinot Noir from Dundee Oregon. Ripe fruits that unfold the tongue with smooth tannins and balanced dryness. Deep red cherries with fresh forest floor.

Traversa Langhe Nebbiolo
g. 16 / bt. 75

Nebbiolo grapes from the Piedmont region. Medium-full bodied red wine, full of aromas, strong tannins and an earthy finish

Vosca Merlot | Friuli
bt. 70

Full Body Slovenian /Italian Red, medium acidity, and Plum flavors

Tascante Ghiaia Nera | Sicily
bt. 70

Soft tannins, good drinkability and freshness. Aged in large oak barrels, an ideal and non-invasive wood for Nerello Mascalese.

Premium Reds
Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
bt. 130

The Ultimate Premium Napa Valley Cab, Full body Red cabernet sauvignon blended with merlot.

Castello Di Neive Barbaresco 2016
bt. 125

DOCG 100% Nebbilo grapes from Piedmont Italy, Mid to light Body, flavors of sweet tart berries, and a nose full of earthy aromas. You may find some spices and earthy notes.